Dale Davies - Moodle Developer and E-Learning Consultant

Web Developer & Moodle Expert

I have been a Moodle developer in the UK FE and HE sectors for almost a decade and have built a reputation for developing innovative e-learning solutions.

Although I specialise in Moodle VLE development and integration with FE MIS systems I have a passion for all things web related and take pride in my in-depth knowledge.

Since the web was in it's infancy I have been fascinated by it, and learning every aspect of how it works has become a lifelong obsession. Being able to build interesting and engaging solutions on the web is more than just my job.

Some of my recent work

My College - Student Intranet and VLE using Moodle

My College @ The City of Liverpool College

My College - Student Intranet and VLE for The City of Liverpool College.

A mobile responsive Moodle 2.4 theme, custom My Courses page, innovative tabbed course formats, custom blocks, deep integration with other online college systems.

Integrated with a responsive Wordpress theme, custom widgets and Student Union voting plugin.

More Details

Student Intranet & VLE Framework

  • Moodle
  • Wordpress
  • Plugins
  • Course Formats
  • Social Stream

This was 12-month project to transform The City of Liverpool College's Student Intranet and VLE, producing a system that better suits the needs of students and teachers.

The new Moodle-based VLE is modern and engaging, with a responsive layout that is usable on all devices. The VLE has a completely redesigned course format with separate sections for course information, files, assignments and reading lists.

Each course also contains it's own social stream, where students and teachers can share anything. Teachers can also choose to have hashtags pulled in directly from Twitter.

My College - Student Intranet and VLE for The City of Liverpool College

Student Intranet Website

The project began by auditing the existing website and content, and holding staff and student consultation sessions to identify areas for improvement.

The Student Intranet area of the new My College website is based on Wordpress, I created a fully responsive theme plus several custom plugins, including a voting system for the college's Student Union. There is also an innovative drop-down menu layout, designed to present a more logical and intuitive arrangement of the vast amount of content.

Moodle Based VLE

After consultation sessions with students and teachers a concept for the new VLE layout was created. One of the main issues I was asked to address was the need to separate out course pages into sections to make vital content and functions easier to navigate.

The new tabbed course format contains the following sections…

  • Course Information - standard Moodle topics layout
  • Social Stream - custom learning community & social media integration
  • Course Files - central files area
  • Reading List - integrated with Heritage library system
  • Assignments - custom assignments list and grade book

Demo Videos

To get a feel for how the new VLE works, please view the following short videos. Part of a series of tutorial videos created using Camtasia Studio, these demonstrate some of the custom functionality added on top of the new course format.

Quick Mark - Register marking app

Quick Mark @ Liverpool Community College

Quick Mark is an iPad/Android app that teachers at Liverpool Community College can use to mark registers in class.

The Quick Mark web app can also be used with an interactive whiteboard to make register marking a class activity.

More Details

Mobile App for Instant Register Marking

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web App
  • MIS Integration
  • HTML5

Quick Mark is a mobile solution for register marking allowing teachers to mark their current register with ease using any modern web-enabled mobile device, students' attendance details show instantly inside the college's MIS system and VLE upon submission.

As part of a collaborative project my role was to design and develop the Quick Mark web front-end and Android app, interfacing with database procedures written within the college's MIS department.

Quick Mark can be installed on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, and is also available as a web app for use with any touch-enabled device such as an Interactive Whiteboard.

View Quick Mark on Google Play

Quick Mark - Register marking app
Springflow - Invoicing & Cashflow Manager App Concept

Invoicing & Cashflow Manager App Concept

Currently still in development but coming very soon!

Springflow will be a simple and easy to use invoicing and cashflow management app for small businesses.

Designed to make invoicing clients and keeping track of monthly expenses easy.

More Details

Invoicing & Cashflow Manager App Concept

  • Concept
  • Mockup
  • Web App
  • Coming Soon!

Spring Flow is something I have been working on with the excellent Mike Daly of MCD Design Lab.